Top 5 office stationery delivery services in Sri Lanka

Comparison of different office suppliers in Sri Lanka

Dimension O2 Store Alston Officeworks International Bestpaper Snapcart
Specialization Office and school supplies Print & copy services and office supplies Office, school & computer stationery importing Printing paper & office supply importing All kind of grocery delivering
Ordering method Online Phone call Phone Call Online Online, Phone call & Apps
Payment method Credit Card Bank transfer Bank transfer Credit Card Bank transfer, credit card, m cash & Cash on delivery
Delivery Next working day paid delivery Next working day free delivery Next working day free delivery Next working day paid delivery Same day delivery

O2 Store

O2 Sore specializes in office and school supplies delivering as well as cooking and cutlery products. They carry over 4000 products on the site and the customers can purchase the items online and pay through cards. The customer doesn’t have to keep cash with them all the time to pay cash on delivery. They deliver their orders island wide, not just in the Colombo area which is impressive considering that they have a large range of products. Usually, they deliver the orders to their customers on the next working day after the order is placed. They charge Rs. 300 per delivery in the Colombo area.




Alston specializes in print & copy services and also office supplies delivering. Alston does not provide the facility to order online. Customers have to call and order the items they want to buy. Although the website features a number of stationery types, customers cannot view each item with price. Alston also delivers the order to customers on the next business day after the order is placed and they do it for free of charge.


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Officeworks International

Officeworks International carries more than 3000 products but the customer cannot order online like ecommerce cart. They have to request a quick quotation or have to call and order. And even though they have a wide range of products, prices are not displayed on the website. Officeworks International delivers the orders on the next working day after the order, free of charge.




Stationery products on Bestpaper’s site can be viewed easily with prices and the customers can purchase the items online and pay through cards. They carry a wide range of products and do next working day deliveries after the order date but it depends on the order size and the delivery destination.




Snapcart is an online grocery delivery service. Snapcart has ios and android mobile apps where you can order any stationery item you want. They deal with local supermarkets and they not only deliver stationery, but any other grocery item as well. The mobile app is extremely user friendly and you can access any kind of item you want. Moreover, they do immediate delivery within 2-3 hours.



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