Top 3 types of grocery stores in Sri Lanka


When it comes to Sri Lankan Supermarkets, there are a number of supermarket chains in the country now. Keells Super, Cargills Food City, Laughs Supermarket, Arpico Supermarkets and Manin Supermarkets take the lead among these. Undoubtedly, these are major grocery shopping destinations of Sri Lankan shoppers. Needless to say, supermarkets attract a different set of clients. The majority of frequent supermarket shoppers are those who live in busy towns. Since supermarkets store a wide range of imported and high-quality grocery items, they attract a certain amount of high class clients who are willing to spend more than the average shopper’s cost limit. And supermarkets are one of the best grocery shopping stores for busy working crowd since they can pull their carts freely and quickly through the isles in between their busy schedules. One of the best features that shoppers enjoy in supermarkets is the ‘everything at one place’ concept. Almost all the supermarkets in the country today are equipped with a pharmacy, a meat and fish section and sometimes a bakery as well. This is extremely convenient to the busy working crowd who has less time to go to several shops to buy medicine, poultry and baked goods. Another mention-worthy fact is that supermarkets offer a number of payment options which is not a facility provided in normal grocery stores. Since the people began to carry less cash and more credit/debit cards, this is an invaluable facility offered by supermarkets. Online ordering and other shopping apps are other major improvements when it comes to supermarkets. This way, supermarket shopper’s task is made easier since they can even shop while sitting in their office chairs.


Small Scale Grocery stores

Sri Lankan people are still very much familiar with small-scale grocery stores. Before the supermarkets gained the upper hand, Sri Lankan shoppers used to shop in these grocery stores where they had to go to several stores since they did not carry all the necessities in one place. Small scale grocery stores are sought out by mostly the older generation since it is what they are used to. Rest of the shoppers mostly go to their neighborhood ‘sillara kade’ when there is an emergency in the house. Most of these stores do not have the facility to serve many customers at once because there are only one or two helpers at a time in the store. Customers have to wait in line to tell their requirements and since most of these stores still use hand written


Weekly Market

This is still one of the main shopping methods of almost any kind of crowd. Most towns in Sri Lanka have a weekly outdoor market where people can buy items at cheap prices by bargaining maybe. Either way, we Sri Lankans love to bargain. Since most of these weekly ‘pola’ is on Sunday, most people can go there with their shopping basket to get their weekly supply of groceries. But the downside is that most of the time, these markets only carry vegetables and fruits. And one can also question the quality of the vegetables and fruits being sold, since these are outdoor markets where the freshness of the items cannot be preserved. But local housewives may choose to go to the weekly market early in the morning and get their weeks’ worth vegetables and fruits at a cheap price.


In conclusion, different types of grocery shopping destinations attract different types of customers. So it is important to identify what destination and method fits you best according to your life style, your schedule, your taste and also according to your pocket. You can also try our solution for grocery shopping by order your grocery at – First Delivery ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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