Super markets and families

article-2042411-05D17F8D000005DC-723_468x340In the modern society there is a special relationship between Super markets & Families.when it comes to that  topic we can analyse it like this..Most of families are living in the society,have 4 or 5 family members. As an example, father,mother and two or three children live in a family.But existing economic milieu & our lifestyle procure us money & limited time.Therefore it is an action for us to manage that limited time and money.

Foods & cloths are main necessities for a family.But humans need the time and money to manage these things. A person who has limited money & limited time….as well as if that person wants to buy foods and other things for his family, he needs a way to buy that wants from a same place.


 Super markets are be born in the modern society because of these kind of desiderata. As people seen super market is a paradise they can save their well as it is a place they can buy their wants. As far as i am concerned super market is a business that supply human`s wants from a same place. The relationship of super markets & families starts base on these reasons

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