Snapcart will deliver your office groceries to your workplace – Office stationery delivery service in Sri Lanka

Do you hate going to the supermarket everyday? Do you hate standing in the cashier queue until your feet hurt? We at SNAPCART understand that for a company like you, it is extremely tiresome to go and buy the necessities for the office. Whether it is the milk powder and sugar to make tea, or A4 sheets, pens and other stationary or even sanitary items like paper serviettes, toilet paper and hand wash etc., we know that going to the supermarket every week is not something that simple since, well, you have more important and crucial work to do at your desk. And we can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is to go around the office and make a shopping list asking every employee what he/she needs. Come on, you already do the shopping for your home, right? And we know how much trouble that is. And having to shop for your office needs as well? Nightmare, isn’t it?


Well, here’s where SNAPCART comes to your rescue. All you have to do is manually choose your shopping list for the first week, and from the second week, we will deliver your supplies right to your office/workplace door without even you having to remind us! In short, you can even forget that you have to go shopping for office supplies from week two. We will do everything for you while you can sit at the office and take care of your other crucial work. And guess what, it doesn’t have to be once a week either. Daily, once in every two/three days, we can cater to any need you have. You don’t even have to drive to the supermarket and find a parking space, we know how hard that is. And having to drive to the supermarket during work hours? How much of your valuable time will be lost there in the traffic? And who likes to stand in the queue at the supermarket cashier?


What we do at SNAPCART is unique. We are different from other grocery delivery services. Of course, most of the supermarkets have home delivery methods themselves these days. But even if that is so, you still have to go to their website and select the items you want every time you have to shop. But we at SNAPCART provide you an alternative. We will pre-program your shopping list and without you even having to select the items one by one, ‘et-voila!’ your shopping list will be delivered at your office door!


We do everything for you! So why wait? Why look for options? Why send co-workers to buy stuff every now and then? Join with SNAPCART and experience a hassle free shopping experience. No longer wait in queues and no longer driving to the supermarket. SNAPCART will attend to your shopping list while you sit in your office and pay attention to more important office work!

For detailed information about our service, you can check the following proposal.



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