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It is our focus to improve the experience of our customers when ordering groceries in the easiest way possible and shortest time. It is obvious most of us order same grocery items regularly. We have noticed that segment of  our customers are ordering the same item from same brand in a repeated manner.  Quick button can be used by Busy executives who need order the same item over and over or older parents who don’t like to call us or use our website to order the groceries they need

What is Snapcart quick button?

snapcart quick button

Snapcart quick button is a Wi-Fi connected IOT (Internet of things) button where customers can order pre-configured grocery items by a single click on a button. The customers who repeat the same order frequently can use the Snapcart quick button to pre-program items they purchase regularly. The device comes with inbuilt battery and it is expected last for 1000 button presses. Since the button doesn’t drain power during it’s idle times, button is expected to last for several years (or become obsolete) prior to the battery power is dead.  Once you press the button, it will create the order in our system and it will not process any new button presses from the same button until the existing delivery of the order is completed.  This is to avoid multiple orders being initiated by the user. Currently we do call users to confirm the orders because it can be a press by a mistake or someone might press it for a testing purpose.


How to configure the button?

First you need to login to Snapcart.lk website. Then you can open the previous orders (Account->your orders).

list of orders
List of orders

When you are in your ORDERS page, you can select the order that you need to link with your Snapcart quick button.  If you have received the button from Snapcart, you will notice a button “Snapcart Quick” on your orders page.  once you click the button “Snapcart Quick” you can enter the serial number of the button written on back side. Once you press add button your button is ready for use.

adding buttons serial number
Button serial number

Once you press the snapcart quick button it will connect with your home’s Wi-Fi network and initiate a new order. you will be notified by email or sms as usual like when you do with our website.

order confirmation email
order confirmation


When button is in idle mode, it is not connected with the Wi-Fi network to save battery power.

We currently offer the device only for the users who make frequent repeated orders.



Snapcart is an online grocery delivery system where we purchase from your favorite local grocery store and delivered to your door step. click here to visit snapcart.lk


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