Christmas Hampers in Sri Lanka 2017

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and most expensive times of the year. Since ancient times, Christmas is celebrated with utmost interest and enthusiasm throughout the world and no expenses are spared during these times. Christians from every aspect of life, from rich to poor, from nationality to nationality celebrates Christmas like any other. Even non-Christians make Christmas a time of celebration and enjoy it by many kinds of parties, festivities and gift exchanges. Although gifts are exchanged during many other festival times of the year, hampers are especially exchanged during Christmas time. (2)

When it comes to Christmas, Christmas Hampers are unarguably one of the most valuable and useful gifts ever. Since the ancient times, Christmas hampers are considered a traditional and classy present to be shared. These hampers are usually a collection of nonperishable food times such as chocolates, jams, nuts, biscuits and occasionally a small bottle of vine. Most of these items are selected due to their reputation as seasonal favourites. Hampers do not always have to contain only the above mentioned nonperishable food items. Christmas or seasonal hampers can also contain items such as tea, cocoa, coffee and maybe a small tea set also. Hampers can be customized in so many ways. There can be cheap, low cost hampers as well as expensive, luxury hampers. These hampers can include expensive items like bottles of champagne.  One can even make fresh hampers with perishable food items such as fresh fruits, flowers or even baked items. What is special about hampers is that the giver can customize them according to the likes and dislikes of the receiver. Therefore, hampers can be one of the most personalized and considerate gifts you ever give to someone special. Rather than giving people a single and simple Christmas gift, hampers can make the receiver feel special and appreciated. Just like Christmas is a time of considerations and giving, people can think about the people who might have no chance to meet their families during Chirstmas such as students.


Nowadays, Christmas hamper is mostly called a gift basket. Times have changed and people no longer share hampers that are necessarily made with food items. These non-food gift baskets can mostly be luxury bath item baskets which include scented soaps and candles. These hampers can also be beauty baskets which contain luxury skin care items such as body lotions, face washes or perfumes. Most importantly, these kinds of gift baskets can be shared in many other festivities throughout the whole year.


Since Christmas is the time of giving, people tend to give Christmas hampers to poor and needy people who cannot afford the Christmas meal. Christmas is considered a time where no one should feel left out or alone. So one can arrange hampers with daily household necessities like common dry foods, laundry items and sanitary items. Nowadays, hampers are not just something to be shared between friends. Hampers can be given to anyone in need as an act of kindness and charity.


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